Very Rev. Fr Nicholas Karipoff, Rector of Holy Protection Cathedral, Melbourne, Victoria will be attending Syezd as a speaker.

Abstract – Introduction

The talk aims to explore, from an Orthodox angle, the spiritual origins of today’s moral relativism which has led to a breakdown of traditional views on the nature of the family, roles and interaction of men and women and many other things that cannot leave us indifferent as Christians.

The posed question is an inevitable invitation to the opposite question: “What is the life of the soul?”

It is through their  juxtaposition that we can really understand the Biblical message of the Fall and Salvation; our failure and God’s love culminating in the death, resurrection and ascension of The Lord, sending the Holy Spirit to His Church from the Father.

This talk- as Syezd talks typically do- strives to give some practical advice concerning our spiritual survival as Christians in the world of today.