A bit more about us

What is a Syezd?

Syezd is an annual event where Orthodox and non-Orthodox people get together from all over Australia & overseas to catch up with old friends, make new friends, enjoying the break from the daily grind of work, school and other pressures. Most importantly, Syezd gives people the chance to connect with each other as they learn more about the Orthodox faith and discover how to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life in a world increasingly beset by falling moral standards & life values. Set at the end of every year, Syezd allows people to start the new year feeling reignited with life passion, physically refreshed and spiritually re-connected again.

Every year the theme of Syezd changes, with the talks and discussions during Syezd reflecting the main theme of the current Syezd – with the focus placed on the most important issues being faced by people in our community.

This gives attendees a chance to delve more into a particular theme, inciting more discussions and thought provoking questions for exploring in a friendly, positive and supportive environment. The general idea is for attendees to be able to return to “the outside world” armed with renewed vigour and strengthened in mind and spirit, to better cope with and meet whatever challenges the world may demand from them.

We invite YOU to come to Syezd and experience the friendship, share the knowledge, and discover something new and meaningful to you in your life!