The Nativity Fast has started! Summer is finally here!

Our numbers have doubled since last we updated you about registrations for Syezd. We’re loving the 1:1 ratio of males to females!!

It’s looking to be a very interesting Syezd – we’ll be putting up the programme soon as well as a lot of other information shortly.

Spread the word – the more people that come to Syezd, the better! The number of people coming from overseas equal the people coming in from Brisbane and Sydney – combined!!! We will also be expecting a delegation from Indonesia, who, if you are not aware, are getting our Syezd Tshirts done. By buying a Syezd Tshirt – not only will you be supporting Syezd, but also the Orthodox Mission – especially the youth – in Indonesia. Read more about it here.

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Check out the charts below…

… and, if you haven’t done so already…