Lecture 7 at Syezd 2015, Melbourne was given by Very Rev. Fr Nicholas Dalinkiewicz, on the topic of the Antichrist – Unseen Warfare.

Theology is not science, but science is theology

God reveals himself many ways to us: he speaks directly as a person of the Holy Trinity; he was incarnate as the Son of God and lived among us; he spoke through the prophets and with, and through, the saints; he gave us scripture; AND he gave us physical creation – the universe. God speaks to us through nature no less than he speaks to us through scripture. 

After the era of persecutions, the Church’s struggle for survival was almost exclusively focussed on heresy for the best part of two millennia. In recent decades this has changed dramatically. The world no longer cares what the Church believes: the rules have changed, but the attacks have not diminished; on the contrary, they are more dangerous than ever. The world now sets the rules; it determines what is right and what is wrong, and these rules are diametrically opposed to those of the Church. Most Orthodox, although not all, can, however, tell the difference between spiritual and secular morals and ethics, and are therefore not at risk.

The real danger comes from the scientific community which feverishly proclaims that the universe as a whole is a stand-alone system, thereby making the very notion of a Creator redundant, and hence, likewise the Church: everything can be explained without invoking God. And the Church, in the main, has no answer, and, as a consequence, her children become victims.

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