Archpriest Nicholas Dalinkiewicz
Holy Protection Cathedral – Melbourne

23 Dec 2013

In the world of academia, in particular within the science community, as well as the general populace, there is widespread misconception that science and theology are mutually exclusive disciplines, which, at best, can coexist separately, but more often than not, they are viewed as enemies, being poles apart. Those with strong spiritual beliefs tend to dismiss science, considering it to be of secondary significance, while the ‘formal’ scientific establishment sees theology as irrelevant in the real world, totally devoid of facts.

In part, this is due to a naïve understanding, by both groups, of creation described in the book of Genesis. They see Genesis as the religious description of HOW the universe came into being. This, however, is fundamentally wrong, because the bible is not, and was never considered by the Church to be a technical manual which describes how nature works. Its purpose is spiritual; nothing more, nothing less, and any biblical reference to nature should be seen in that context.